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EAGLELINK.com can provide Web services for your firm or organization in two basic ways:

  1. Turnkey packages hosted on EagleLink.com
  2. Custom packages placed on yourfirm.com

1. Hosted on EagleLink

This is the easiest and most economical way to get a high-quality, turnkey Web package with no technical hassles. You simply select one of our designs and provide your text and photos.

Then, kind of like you're leasing it, keep the package as long as you want.

Your Web address is: www.eaglelink.com/yourfirm

For detailed information, click here.

2. Custom site on your domain

With this plan, we design and build your whole site from the ground up and place it on your host server using your unique Internet domain. Every detail is customized to your specifications.

Your Web address is: www.yourfirm.com

For detailed information, click here.