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Plan 2: Custom Web Services

Does your firm want a unique Web identity on your own Internet domain?

Do you want to pay for Web design just once and be done with it?

Do you need help creating a multi-page, professional quality, high-design Web package to your specifications but don't want long-term obligations?

With EagleLink's Plan 2, you get exactly that.

We specialize in designing and implementing high-quality custom packages not unlike the one you're viewing right now. Once it's on line, you can either retain EagleLink to manage it, take it over yourself or turn it over to someone else.

  • You're not obligated to a lengthy service agreement
  • You're not tied to predesigned templates
  • You're not merely leasing your Web package

What do we charge?

After a one-time account fee of $49, our basic per-page charge is $150. For that, you receive:

  • A custom page designed to your specification
  • A page coded correctly for both Netscape and Internet Explorer
  • Photo scanning and enhancement
  • Creation of all graphics (logos, buttons, backgrounds, etc.)
  • Hotlinks to other pages or other Web sites
  • E-mail "mailto" links and/or forms posting
  • Maintenance for 45 days past the "live" date

Could there be add-on charges?

Yes. The items above do not include every possibility. Upon request, we will quote charges in the event you want:

  • Animated graphics, sound or video files
  • Java scripts or Perl scripts
  • Secure filing of forms on SSL servers
  • Installation on a host server not supporting our software
  • Site maintenance after 45 days past the "live" date
  • Other unusual requirements

What if I want EagleLink to provide maintenance?

EagleLink is retained to provide continuing maintenance by most of our clients. Your maintenance plan will be tailored to the size of your Web site and the number of regular changes you anticipate (a catalog undergoes far more changes than a law office site, for example). The minumum charge is $25 per month. But again, you are not obligated to use EagleLink.

How do I get my domain and host server?

We will assist you without extra charge. We will put you in touch with a major Internet service provider (ISP) which can secure your domain name and provide you with hosting services.

In most cases, hosting services will cost about $25 per month after setup. If your site is huge, or you need SSL security services, the cost will be about $50 per month after setup.

The current cost of domain registration is $70 for the first two years and then $35 per year thereafter.

None of these charges will be collected by EagleLink. You will have separate accounts with the ISP and Internic.

What if I like a design you've already done?

Certainly, you can select an existing EagleLink design and ask for variations on it. Some of our customers have requested exclusive use of a design they have commissioned. In those cases, we cannot provide the exact same design.

How to order

To order Plan 2, please click here to place your order by e-mail form.

In addition to outlining what you would like, please be sure to include your:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Street address
  • Phone and fax numbers.

We will get back to you promptly to provide details on how to forward your materials and payment.

You might also want to view our array of design options to get ideas. Or, you can look at some of the packages of our existing customers to get some ideas.

Is Plan 2 too pricey for your needs?
Would you like something not requiring domain registration?
You'd rather have a high-quality package that's a bit more "turnkey"?

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