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Plan 1: Hosted on EagleLink

This is the simplest and least costly way to create a professional-quality, high-design Web package for your firm or organization. It's like leasing it (except if this was a car, it would include EagleLink as your chauffeur).

We do all the work. You just tell us what you want.

Unless you want to spend hours tinkering yourself, why buy bulk space on a server for $25 per month and then have all the headaches of trying to create the Web site yourself? We take care of everything. And we provide continuing maintenance for it, making necessary changes as you need them.

You're not adrift on your own. EagleLink is your webmaster.

This plan includes six optional packages for Web sites ranging from 1 page to 20 or more pages. Each package has a small one-time setup charge and easy month payments.

All you do is select one of our designs and provide your text and any photos. We do the rest. There are no technical hassles. We take care of everything for you.

Your Web address is: www.eaglelink.com/yourfirm

What does it cost?

PackageSetup FeeCharge
A / Web Home Page$50$7.95
B / up to 3 Pages$75$15.95
C / up to 5 Pages$75$24.95
D / up to 8 Pages$100$36.95
E / up to 12 Pages$125$52.95
F / up to 20 Pages$150$82.95
Add-on pages after 20 (each)$3.95

Annual payment programs also are available upon request.

How to order

To order, first view our array of design options.

Then submit our order form and be sure to include your:

  • E-mail address
  • Name
  • Complete postal address
  • Telephone and fax numbers
  • The letter of the Package you want (A or B or C, etc.)
  • The number of the Layout you prefer
  • What basic color you would like the Layout to use
    (the color can be different than what you see in the sample)

Click here for the order form. After you submit it, we will get back to you promptly to provide details on how to forward your materials and payment.

Is Plan 1 a little too basic for you?
Did you really want your own Internet domain?
You'd rather not be tied to EagleLink after you're on line?

Then click one of the following options: