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Prime Display Plan

OUR TOP-OF-THE-LINE listing product is the PRIME DISPLAY PLAN. As readers scroll through our directories, their eyes will be drawn to these listings because they command more attention than those placed under our Standard plan.


With the Prime Display Plan, for one flat fee you receive:

  • Unlimited listings in EagleLink directory categories.
  • Your logo with each listing to set you apart from other firms.
  • Your name in larger type than in our other listing plans.
  • Horizontal rules to set your listings apart from others.
  • A "mailto" hotlink to your e-mail address.
  • Three hotlinks (including your logo) from each listing to your Web site.

  • Example:

    Andreas Neocleous & Co.

    Limassol, Cyprus
    Phone: 357 5 362818
    E-Mail: andreas@neocleous.com.cy
    Web: www.eaglelink.com/neolaw

    The advantages of the Prime Display Plan are obvious these listings immediately draw the reader's eye to your law firm.


    The base rate for unlimited directory listings with the Prime Display Plan is $150 for 12 months. We also provide a bonus offer for a longer term at a reduced rate.

  • Option 1 $150    (12 months of service)
  • Option 2 $275    (24 months of service save $25)


    If you don't have a suitable logo, we will create one for you using colors complimentary to those appearing on your Web site. And we will do this without charge, unless you have specific design requirements.

    The logo appearing with your Prime Display listings must be a size which will fit beside those listings. While we do not dictate specific dimensions, the logo cannot be more than 200 pixels wide or 100 pixels tall. Smaller sizes are recommended. (The logo with the example above is 83 by 57.)

    In most cases, we can download a logo from your Web site for you. If that logo is larger than our maximum sizes, we will adjust the size electronically. If too much quality is lost through this adjustment, we will ask you to either provide a logo of an appropriate size or offer to prepare a logo for you.


    Ordering is a two-step process.

    FIRST: Fill out the Listing Information Form below and click the "Submit" button. This will provide us with the information we will need to prepare your listings.

    SECOND: Your listings cannot be placed into our directories until you have paid for them. You can do this by using our printable order form, which can be sent to us by regular mail. (Sorry, we no longer accept credit cards. Too few law firms chose that payment method.)

    When you submit the Listing Information Form, the printable order form will appear. Just print it out, complete it and mail the it with your payment to the address shown on the form.


    Fill out the form below and click the "Submit" button.

    Your Name:

    Firm Name:

    Complete Postal Mailing Address:


    Fax Number:

    Web Address:

    Please put "NONE" if you do not have a Web address.

    Address where we can download your logo:
    Please put "SAME" if it's the same address you gave above or "NONE" if you do not have a suitable logo and would like EagleLink to create one for you.

    Your E-mail Address:

    E-mail Address to Publish:

    Number of Lawyers in Your Firm:

    Your Firm's Areas of Law:
    (There is no limit under this flat-rate plan.)

    Acquisitions & Mergers
    Admiralty & Military
    Arbitration & Mediation
    Asset Protection
    Association & Non-Profit
    Aviation & Airline
    Banking & Financial
    Bankruptcy & Insolvency
    Business & Commercial
    Business Restructuring
    Cargo & Shipping
    Civil Law/General
    Civil Rights
    Collections & Debt Recovery
    Copyright, Trademark & Patent
    Criminal/Driving Under the Influence
    Customs & Trade Regulation
    Debtor & Creditor Rights
    Employment/Benefits & Pensions
    Employment Contracts
    Employment/Federal (ADA, EEOC, ERISA)
    Estate Planning
    Family & Domestic
    Franchises & Business Opportunity
    Government Security Clearance
    Immigration & Nationality
    Intellectual Property
    Labor Law (unions, unemployment, OSHA)
    Legislation & Lobbying
    Litigation, Trials & Appeals
    Markets & Securities
    Personal Injury, Claims, Losses & Insurance
    Product Liability & Consumer
    Real Estate/General
    Real Estate/Appraisals of Property
    Real Estate/Commercial Leasing
    Real Estate/Condemnation of Property
    Real Estate/Construction
    Real Estate/Landlord-Tenant
    Real Estate/Mortgage, Finance & Syndication
    Regulated Industries
    Social Security/Disability
    Technology & Computer Law
    Transportation Law
    Trade Secrets
    Unfair Trade Practices
    Workers Compensation

    Additional Information: