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Legal Resources

There are many possible sources in your area for the subject-specific power of attorney form you need. Not all of these sources will be able to provide appropriate legal advice, so it is prudent to work with a licensed legal professional or organization.

Please remember that the power of attorney form needed to sell your car is not the same as the form needed for medical decisions. So don't go the Department of Motor Vehicles for a form to set up a living will, for example, or to your doctor for a form to provide financial authority.

Here are some of the possible resources:

  • Law firms
  • Law schools
  • Bar associations
  • Paralegal services
  • Your doctor
  • Your medical group
  • Your HMO
  • Hospitals
  • Your church, synagogue, temple or mosque
  • The motor vehicle department
  • County or state social services agencies
  • Banks and lending institutions
  • Full-service stationary stores

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