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WHAT IF YOUR FIRM could have a multi-page, high-quality, professionally prepared Web package with someone else maintaining it for about what you currently pay for your Internet access?

That's what EagleLink provides. For a small monthly charge based on the size of your package, you receive an array of professional-quality Web pages hosted on our server.

If you're paying $25 per month for Internet access and struggling by yourself to create home-made pages in your little corner of AOL, CompuServe or Mindspring, consider having EagleLink take care of all the technical hassles required for the creation and maintenance of your Web site.

We do everything. All you do is provide your text and photos and tell us what you want. We do the rest.

EagleLink provides a series of professionally designed page layouts to choose from. With them, you select just the Web presence you need. And if you want a variation, like a different color or different link buttons, we'll implement any reasonable request.

Then we:

  • Create your Web site with the design you select
  • Create an attractive logo for your firm
  • Digitize the color photos you provide
  • Insert the text you provide into the layouts
  • Link your package to your existing e-mail

And your Web address won't be one of those endless cryptic strings of slashes, tildes and underscores. It'll simply be:



There are just two easy steps:

FIRST, select a layout from our choices. (While these all have a law-practice theme, they can be applied to any business.)

    You can get a closer look at any of the designs on the left by simply clicking on it. Or to see all of them in sequence, just click here and we'll step you through each option. Jot down the number of the layout you prefer. To return to this spot, just click the "Return to Options Page" link at the bottom of any of the sample layouts.

    Keep in mind that most of the colors are interchangable. Or you can specify any basic color theme for your package.

SECOND, notify us so we can work with you.

    Just click here to send us a message telling us you want to place an order.

    In addition to outlining what you would like, we'll need standard information about you including:

    • Name
    • E-mail address
    • Street address
    • Phone and fax numbers.

    We'll also need to know which layout you want and which basic color you want for your Web site.

    After we receive your e-mail, we will send you information on how to forward your text and photos and how to forward your payment.

That's it! It's just two easy steps.

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