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A' LL OF OUR LAYOUTS provide distinctive features. In this option, the links to your additional displays are combined into a single raised button which links readers to all if your additional pages. Your e-mail button uses the same style, but is between the text and vitals about the firm.

If you choose to have just one Web display, the selection button would not be there and your logo would be centered instead.

Both the firm's logo and the initial capital letter use a distinctive typography and also give the appearance of a raised button. The vitals about the firm -- phone, fax, address, e-mail, etc. -- all follow the narrative text, which you can use to tell readers about your firm.

The background pattern has the appearance of parchment, which provides a distinguished feel. Use of a photograph is an option you might choose to include.

The titles on the buttons will be changed to match the subjects you select for your three additional pages. Each of those pages will have a similar appearance with the same logo, array of buttons, etc. So there is a visual consistency throughout your Web site.

Color is another choice you can make. Instead of the blue you see here, it could be any basic color you select.

The Law Offices of
Smith & Lloyd, PLC

4321 Main Street
Suite 802
Springfield, Ohio 45409

Telephone: 513-555-0000
Fax: 513-555-1111


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