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HE NEXT LAYOUT option provides everything you see here -- the selection bar down the left side, links to your e-mail and your other page displays blend into the bar, an attractive logo with your firm's name, an initial capital letter, text describing your firm and vitals information at the bottom.

In addition, you have the option of adding a photo, which will be placed to the right with the text flowing around it.

The titles on the links will be changed to match the subjects you choose for your additional pages. Each of those pages will have a similar appearance with the same logo, array of buttons, etc. So there is a visual consistency throughout your Web site.

If you require other variations or special features which can be accommodated by this design, we also can provide them. For example, instead of an e-mail link you might want a submission form which calls up a "thank you" display when it's sent. That can be provided as a part of this package.

Smith & Lloyd, PLC
4321 Main Street
Suite 802
Springfield, Ohio 45409

Telephone: 513-555-0000
Fax: 513-555-1111


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