M' ANY FIRMS PREFER to tell their story with just one Web Home Page. This design is easily adapable for either single- or multiple-page Web sites.

Like all of our designs, this layout provides distinctive features. In this option, the logo, initial capital letter and button bar are all raised and they follow a consistent typographic style.

Use of a photograph is an option you might choose to include. Photo placement is determined by the composition of the photograph. So, for example, if the subject is facing to the right, the photo is placed on the left so the person is looking into the display.

The background pattern has the appearance of red parchment, which provides a warm but dignified appearance. Color is another choice you can make. If you don't like red, you can choose any basic color you prefer.

The Law Offices of John Smith
4321 Main Street
Suite 802
Springfield, Ohio 45409

Telephone: 513-555-0000
Fax: 513-555-1111


1997-98, EagleLink

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